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Injection System-Packing & Shipping

Car-Sealing Joint C-Frame Rubber Injection Machine

Short Description:

This model is small sized and highly precision rubber machine, C-Frame Rubber Injection Machine is suitable for various rubber molded parts, especially precision rubber sealing parts in the fields of automobile, energy, railway transportation, industry, medical care and household appliances, etc. it is also especially suitable the precise parts with insert and profile Joint.

Product Detail

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The C-frame Series Rubber Injection Machine is a special design injection molding machine for car-sealing Joint rubber molding. Due to Three-Side Access for Operation, these moulding press models are also suitable for some precision rubber moulded components such as oil seal etc. With an Optional Injection Unit, the molding machine is available for various materials such as RUBBER / PLASTIC / LSR. With a High-precision Injection System and High-efficiency, High-stability & Energy-saving SERVO SYSTEM, the C-Frame Rubber Injection Moulding Machine greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs and achieving high quality rubber moulding.

Door Seal Jointing
Rubber Hose Molding
Car Window Door Seal Joint
MINI Rubber Corner Guards & Strips
Rubber Corner Guard
Rubber Industrial Corner Protector

C-Frame Main Specification

Model GW-C30L GW-C50L GW-C80L
Clamping Force(KN) 300 500 800
Mold Open Stroke(mm) 300 460 460
Platen Size(mm) 400x300 500x400 600x500
Injection Volume(c.c) 50 160 50 160 160 350
Injection Force(bar) 2150 2150 2150 2150 2150 2150

Packing & Shipping

Container GW-C30L GW-C50L GW-C80L
20GP 2 unit 2 unit 2 unit
40HQ 4 units 4 units 3 units
Packing Package 1: Rubber Injection Moulding Machine Main Body;
Package 2: Rubber Injection Moulding Machine Injection Uni

Main Features

● C-Frame Clamping Unit, Available for operation in 3 Sides.

● Precise Injection.

● High-efficiency, High-stability & Energy saving Servo Hydraulic System.

● Modular-design & Multiple-combinations Solution to Meet Customer's Various Demand.

● Double Stations

● Optional Injection Units for Three Types of Material: Rubber/Plastic/LSR

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